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BILD – One Association Working at Three Levels to Serve Our Members.

BILD is organized at three levels — locally, provincially and nationally. All three levels of the BILD work together to serve our members by keeping members informed, involved and prepared for today’s business challenges.



BILD Lethbridge has been advocating for your needs locally since 1982. Through the Board of Directors, Government Relations, Technical Standards, Safety and Human Resources Committees, BILD Lethbridge is aware of what matters to the residential construction industry; acting as the central point for information, advocacy, education and business development among members.


BILD Alberta works with the provincial government and agencies on a wide range of housing matters such as codes, standards, safety, infrastructure, consumer protection, legislation and more, all of which are driven by local concerns. Provincial conferences and awards programs give members an opportunity to meet and network with peers from across the province.


At the national level, CHBA represents and serves the entire membership from coast to coast advocating the interests of the housing industry with the federal government and inter-governmental bodies. Creating alliances with private and public research agencies to promote solutions, innovation and demonstration projects as well as joining forces with national partners on marketing activities to inform consumers and promote professional new home builders and renovators.

Our Mission & Vision


BILD Lethbridge Region is the trusted advocate of the residential construction industry. We work to the benefit of our members and public through excellence in government relations, advocacy, education and building innovation.


BILD Lethbridge Region is built on a vision of leadership, partnerships and a strong membership, dedicated to excellence in housing. We provide industry leadership that creates a thriving residential construction industry, founded in professionalism and sustainability.

Strategic Themes


We believe that home ownership should be affordable and attainable


We believe foundations of professionalism come from a strong code of ethics, responsible business practices and further education & training


We believe education and training is necessary to identify, manage, and minimize risks associated in residential construction

Consumer Choice

We believe that the consumer has the right to a wide range of housing solutions that meet their needs and wants


Minimizing barriers through effective, timely and transparent communication with all stakeholders

Attracting Business

Promoting Lethbridge Region competitiveness through municipal and industry partnerships

SOCIAL Responsibility

We are committed to community enhancement, environmental sustainability and education through industry initiatives.


We believe in bringing together like minded business people to recognize, create and react to business opportunities

Association Staff

Bridget Mearns

Executive Officer

ext. 203

Diane Richard

Administrative Assistant

ext. 200

2022-2023 Board Of Directors

Perry Neufeld - Melcor Developments

Past President

Bud Hogeweide - Hogeweide Management & Consulting Inc.


David Kunst - Select People Solutions

President/ BILD Alberta Representative

Ben Hann - Timber-Tech Truss


Terrell Sprecher - Burnco

Director / 2nd Vice President

Cole Wickey - Avonlea Homes


Rick Weste, Triple M Housing

Director/ CHBA Representative

Sheldon Anderson - Lethbridge College


Brad Hoover - Logic Lumber

Director/ Treasurer

Stephen Mogdan - Stringam LLP


Adam Bambrick- Van Arbor Homes