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New Energy Upgrade Incentives Announced

November 1, 2016 | Uncategorized

New incentive programs for residential energy efficiency upgrades announced today by the Alberta government should have a positive impact on investment and are in alignment with Canadian Home Builders' Association -- Alberta (CHBA – Alberta) support for assistance to consumers with initial costs of equipment and installation.

“Expert advice and professional installation will be a key to ensuring full value is received from the investment homeowners make in lowering energy usage and costs. CHBA members across the province look forward to working with Energy Efficiency Alberta as more details about implementation of the programs are announced,” said Ryan Scott, President, CHBA – Alberta.

Alberta's new homes are built to increasingly high efficiency standards, with a new cycle of minimum code requirements taking effect Nov. 1. Many CHBA – Alberta members already meet or exceed the new codes. Nearly one million Alberta residences that are more than 20 years old can potentially benefit from improvements in lighting, water and heating performance through replacement of outdated and inefficient systems.

Initial programs include a Direct Install Residential Program, a Residential Consumer Products Program and a Business Non-Profit and Institutional Rebate Program.

- Direct Install Residential Program will offer direct, no-charge installation of low-cost energy efficiency products to residences, such as lighting, water and heating components.

- Residential Consumer Products Program will offer point of sale rebates to residential customers at retail outlets with products such as lighting, insulation and appliances.

- Business, Non-Profit and Institutional Rebate Program will offer incentives for high-efficiency products and installation of electric and gas based products such as lighting, heating and cooling system

Click here to read the news release.

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